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🏔️ Relive

Relive is an app used by more than 13 million people to track and share their outdoor adventures. Everything from epic bike rides in the mountains to long walks in the forest. We think that being outdoors and exploring the world around you is amazing for your mental and physical wellbeing, and we're on a mission to get everyone exploring the outdoors and living a healthy and active life.

We’re passionate about being outdoors, sharing stories, and creating a company where we love to work. Bringing the best out of everyone as a team. That means constantly learning new things, being flexible about when and where we work, and empowering each other to do the best work of our lives. When doing things at Relive, we like to learn fast, together - creating a product people love to use and share. This means a lot to us. We have an open team culture and a bias towards action.

We're growing fast (100% YoY for most metrics, this year we'll add more than 1 million new users a month) but we've never paid a euro to acquire a user. We currently grow 100% organically via viral/word of mouth growth loops. This works because our users love our product and love to share it with their friends and family. We are aiming to have more than 100 million users of Relive within the next 3 years.

🕵️‍♀️ Product Designers at Relive

We're looking for product designers to join our team who have good instincts about what makes a product useful and well-loved by people. You'll be part of a small team (you + 5) and be given a clear focus area. Your job is to understand the problem-space, generate insights, find the right opportunities and produce well-reasoned solutions that facilitate the best possible user experiences, which have impact on our business goals.

👍 Relive Product Designers are:

  • User obsessed - we talk to users constantly and dive into the data we have about their behaviour
  • Analytical - we've got a lot of data and believe heavily in A/B testing whenever it is possible (almost always).
  • Product driven - we understand the business objectives and seek to identify and address opportunities in the product
  • Perceptive - we have an eye for seeing good/bad user experiences and understand what makes a product popular/unpopular
  • Clever - we're able to formulate well-reasoned hypotheses and translate these, combined with data insights, into the best experiences for our users

👎 On the flip side, Relive Product Designers are not:

  • UI designers - we think through the whole user experience, not just UI part of it.
  • Biased towards solutions - we first focus on the problem area and figure out opportunities with the product manager and data analyst.
  • Unable to share ideas fast - we like to get feedback from our team fast. That's why we create rough flows and fat marker sketches, before diving into more detailed designs.
  • Fanatical about scrum - we don't follow a rigid methodology. We have our own process and are constantly evolving it as we learn.

💡 What would I work on?

We're planning to start investing in a few new areas of our product. Depending on when you join you'll end up being given a clear focus with your kick-ass team. Some examples of team focus areas we're investing in for 2021 include:

  • Helping users to understand their health and wellness. Our users want our support in staying active, understanding how they are improving over time, and ultimately helping them to live healthier lives. This takes different forms for every user and can be a key reason to keep using Relive long into the future.
  • Take Relive from single player to multiplayer. Relive is awesome today for your own activities, but it doesn't get better as the community grows. We want to make Relive increase in value and enjoyment for our users as we continue to grow towards 100 million users.
  • Give our users an activity tracker that they love. Today our activity tracker is functional but not lovable. We want to make it easier and more valuable for our users to track every activity with Relive.

⭐ The highlights

  • We work in empowered and autonomous product teams. The teams are given clear focuses areas, ambitious objectives, and the safety and trust to do amazing things. The best summary of this mindset is Inspired by Marty Cagan.
  • Our product is growing really fast. We grow 100% organically, our users love our product and share it with their friends and family.
  • The way we work as product teams is at the forefront of modern product building - no scrum, no backlogs or estimates, no coordinating across different departments, no red tape or CEOs telling you what features to build. Just smart people with high autonomy and lots of context about our users and the problems they face.
  • If you want to work on a consumer product with insane growth and are ready to grow yourself and learn faster than you could ever imagine then Relive could be the place for you.

Job requirements

Who you are 🙋‍♀️

  • Experience - You've shaped and shipped digital consumer products before. You’ve spent at least 3 years as a product designer.
  • Product driven - You understand the business objectives and seek to identify and address opportunities in the product.
  • User obsessed - You enjoy getting close to the user and understand the importance of qualitative and quantitative insights for your designs
  • Loves the entire process - User research, formulating solutions, sketching, wireframing, prototyping and creating detailed interfaces; you own and appreciate it all.
  • Eager to share - You understand the value of sharing your ideas, thoughts and first sketches in an early stage to keep the team up to speed.
  • Meticulous - You don't just design for the happy flow. You love to figure out all the paths a user might take and every state a feature can be in.
  • Keen - You know what’s going on in the industry, you’re eager to learn new things and you know how to work with design tools like Figma.
  • Kind - Besides an awesome product designer, you’re also a nice person to work with. We’re looking for someone that’s humble, easy-going, curious and empathic.

Happy at Relive 🤙

  • Key position in a growing startup
  • 35+ passionate people working on a product they love
  • Possibility for personal growth and development
  • Lots of responsibility and a real chance to make an impact

👩🏾‍🚀 Explorers policy

  • Get a MacBook Pro
  • €50/month for work-from-home expenses
  • Unlimited use of co-working spaces
  • Work from any location (+/- 1 hours CET)
  • 2x team meetups per year to meet in person (and do fun stuff)

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