Head of Analytics

Job description

The Relive community is dedicated, big and growing rapidly. We’re proud to see over 9+ million people worldwide creating up to 200,000 videos a day of their outdoor activities (such as running, skiing, hiking) on our app. Your work has a huge impact - enabling people to share their passion for the outdoors and inspiring others.

We are looking for a Head of Analytics to help build out Relive. Currently, we have 4 data analysts who are supporting our product teams to build products, ship fast, and work on a weekly release schedule. It's your job to make sure we can keep measuring & learning just as fast.

Are you excited to build something millions of people love and up for a challenge?

The Role 👀

1. Data engineering

Every day our users produce over 200M raw rows of analytics data (events, clicks, logs).

It is your job to make sure we're capturing the right events and to store them in a way that allows for fast & easy analysis.


  • Own 'aggregate' tables process. Each night all fresh data flows through our pipeline and is added to our summary tables which allow for fast & easy analyses. As our business questions & features change, these tables need to be kept up-to-date.
  • Rethink events: avoid deduced stuff at all times. Add specific events for what we want to measure.
  • No-one likes waiting, make sure we're able to query fast.

2. Analytics

We've ran 120 A-B tests and released 30 app updates so far this year!

It's your responsibility to make sure we know how we're improving/impacting our users with all the new stuff we build.


  • Own the bayesian A-B analysis process
  • Own the app-release process
  • Find new ways for the analysts and teams to learn faster

3. Dashboards & Data Discovery

When done right, everyone in the team should be able to answer most of their data-related questions and get insights (learn) without help from an analyst.

It starts with good data engineering:

  • Clear & specific events
  • Easy to find/browse/filter tables
  • Analysis results should be easy to interpret
  • Dashboards should speak for themselves.

4. Teamleading

Currently, we have 4 data analysts in the team who are each assigned to a different product team. Your job is to manage them by having regular check-ins to see how they are doing, supporting their growth and helping the work more efficiently (e.g. find bottlenecks and fix them)

Job requirements

Who you are 🏆

  • Experience - You have 5+ years of experience in data management and teamleading in a B2C product company
  • User focused - You enjoy getting close to the user and understand the importance of quantitative insights for the team
  • Product driven - You understand the business objectives and seek to identify and address opportunities in the product.
  • Team Oriented - You enjoy supporting and motivating your team.
  • Work Fast - We move crazy fast at Relive and you thrive in this kind of environment.
  • Meticulous - You are highly organized and detail oriented when it comes to the data you are working with.
  • Keen - You know what’s going on in the industry and you’re eager to learn new things.
  • Kind - Besides an awesome Head of Analytics, you’re also a nice person to work with. We’re looking for someone that’s humble, easy-going, curious and empathic.
  • English - Fluently. Our team is an international bunch. You’d want to be able to share your thoughts easily.

Happy at Relive 🤙

Together we’re creating a company where we love to work. Why should you join us right now?

  • Decide your own remote working balance
  • Flexible vacation policy
  • 28+ passionate people working on a product they love
  • MacBook Pro
  • Travel reimbursement
  • Tasty (and free) lunches
  • Awesome office (48 seconds from Rotterdam Central Station)
  • Key position in a growing startup
  • €50 monthly budget for your home office
  • Possibility for personal growth and development
  • Lots of responsibility and a real chance to make an impact

Let's go 🚀

We hope you're as excited as we are! Start by applying and we'll be in touch soon.