Whether we’re exploring new roads, catching up with friends, or training for our next big adventure; we all share a passion for the outdoors. Relive was founded in early 2016 by three friends. Today, we're a young and fast growing team of 30+ people with our headquarters right next to the central station of Rotterdam. Over 8 million cyclists, runners, hikers and skiers have joined Relive to share their passion & adventures - making Relive one of the fastest growing startups in The Netherlands. 

Now we’ve set out on a mission to become the leading community of outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Let’s get out there and live for the adventure.  

Are you ready to join us for the ride? 📈


  • Flexible working hours and working from home
  • Open team culture and bias towards action
  • Annual company retreats
  • Tasty (and free) lunches
  • Empowering each other to do the best work of our lives
  • Flexible vacation policy
  • Apple tech
  • Travel reimbursement
  • Dog friendly office
  • Constantly learning new things


As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop worldwide, we have introduced a 'remote-first' policy at Relive. Remote first doesn't mean we have to work remotely. It means our way of working enables remote working for everyone. It's up to you where you want to work, whether in the office or at home. We trust you to spend your time wisely.

This coronavirus (COVID-19) company policy is susceptible to changes with the introduction of additional governmental guidelines, such as closing our office should there be a spike in cases.

Please note that due to the ongoing situation, most interviews are conducted via video call. We believe this is necessary to ensure your safety and that of our colleagues. 

The Relive App in Action

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Our Values

Company values support our vision and shape our culture! Together we looked at how we worked at what we liked out about it.

💬 Love to explore.

Always checking out new opportunities and eager to learn fast. That’s why we launch new things as simple and early as possible.

🏔️ Climbing the right mountains.

We know why we’re doing things. Before we set the pace and get going. We keep our eyes on the prize and ask ourselves if we’re on the right track to grow.

🙏 You decide.

We can make decisions on our own. We trust each other, take ownership and work in a way that brings out the best in us. We know when to ask for help and we’re not afraid to make mistakes.

🤔 We speak up.

We say what we think, not what we think we should say. Being straightforward, easy-going and ourselves makes our team shine. With feedback we step up our game.

💫 Rocking it.

We get off the beaten track, do things our way and take risks. We’re not afraid to dream big and be bold. Creating kick-ass experiences for millions of outdoor lovers, like us. And we’re just getting started.