We're building a new platform for people who love the outdoors. Over 5 million cyclists, runners, hikers and skiers have joined Relive to share their passion & adventures - making Relive one of the fastest growing startups in The Netherlands. Relive was founded early 2016 by three friends. Today, we're a young and fast growing team of 18 - excited to bring Relive to the next level.

Feeling home at work

We’re passionate about being outdoors, technology, sharing stories, and creating a company where we love to work. Bringing the best out of everyone, as a team. That means constantly learning new things, being flexible about when and where we work, and empowering each other to do the best work of our lives. When doing things at Relive, we like to ship features and learn fast together - creating a product people love to use and share. This means a lot to us. We have an open team culture and a bias towards action :)


Build a unique product and technology to process millions of videos and pageviews a month. See what Amazon CTO Werner Vogels has to say about Relive.

Work in a small team and have direct impact. We're looking for product-minded team players.

Relive HQ

This is where the magic happens.

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Life is worth getting out there. Capture and enjoy the outdoors together with Relive. Your app to share outdoor adventures, loved by a community of 5 million+ people all around the world. Join us on our journey to get the world outside!